Oil & Gas Contractors Insurance

Diversified programs available for all Oil & Gas Transportation Service Field Contractors, keeping correct coverage to meet any vendors contractural requirements.  Call or e-mail for a quote.

Windstorm Insurance

If your property is located in one of Texas’ 14 coastal counties or parts of southeastern Harris County, your policy might exclude coverage for windstorm and hail damage. You’ll need to purchase this coverage separately from a special insurance pool called the Texas Windstorm Insurance Association (TWIA). To qualify for TWIA coverage, your property must pass a windstorm inspection and must meet certain windstorm-resistant building standards. You cannot buy or change TWIA coverage once a hurricane has entered the Gulf of Mexico. For more information about windstorm coverage, call TWIA at 512-899-4900 or visit their website.


For information about the windstorm inspection program, call the Texas Department of Insurance (TDI) Windstorm Inspections Division at 512-248-6032 or visit their website.